Wow… I am a blogger, sharing stories, providing insight and hoping to empower readers.

I began working with Salesforce in 2010, in Sales Support position, with a vision of being an outside Sales Rep.  I am told all the time,  I am a “People Person” and not very tech savy.   FAST FORWARD!  Now today, I work at Radial Web, Consulting firm,  in Madison, WI.  Still a people person and learning to be more tech savy.

Who would ever have thought, Kelly Leslie working in the technical space and LOVING it.

2013 working at Radial Web Consulting (3 person) shop, I saw a desire for socialization and networking….  remember People Person.

2014,  I started a local Chapter of Salesforce Wisconsin Women In Tech (aka WI Girly Geek) co-led with Lauren.

2015,  I began collaborating with Midwest Salesforce Women In Tech leaders to kick off a webinar series “Midwest Thirsty Thursday” and have a booth set up at Midwest Dreamin events (annually).

As I continue to learn my Salesforce skills and help clients implement and enhance processes in Salesforce, create reports/dashboards and train Administrators and End Users, I have started my own business. 2017 A.GAME merged with another established Salesforce Consulting Partner.  Excited to continue this amazing Salesforce journey.  Join me!


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