How Salesforce Admins and Pardot Marketers can help each other!

Pardot_Logo.png3Working with customers and community, I was hearing a lot about Pardot and Salesforce.

Salesforce Women In Tech User Group & User Group co-hosted Salesforce Pardot event in Madison.

Wow!  What an amazing turn out, the event exceeded my expectations. Thank you to all attendees for taking time out of your day and special thanks for User Group Leaders; Brian Kwong (@kwongerific) and Lauren Miedema (@lrmiedema) with assisting.  I do appreciate the volunteers that help promote it (@andyschmiechen)!


1.   100% attendance rate.  Everyone that registered, attended the event.

2.   The level of engagement was high.  Asking questions, sharing experiences, and gaining knowledge, was impressive.

3.  For this event, a community member is interested in starting a WI Pardot User Group.

@StephanieFoerst, (MVP, WiT Leader and Pardot User Group Leader), the Pardot expert in the community shared scenarios below on how Admins and Marketing can collaborate with Salesforce and Pardot.

Salesforce Admin Problem #1:

  • Your business wants copies of certain emails sent through automation saved in Salesforce. It is needed for record keeping and gives sales confidence that the email was sent. You can hack this when using the process builder or workflows but…

Pardot Solution:

  • If email logging is turned on in the Salesforce connector settings
  • Any email sent through Pardot is saved as a task in salesforce automatically
  • Setup your automation using Engagement Studio or Automation Rules instead!
  • Keep in mind: no attachments; links only


Salesforce Admin Problem #2:

  • You send emails through salesforce that contain links to training. The link may change over time, as training gets updated and people always need to be directed to the most current version. And you don’t want to have to update 100+ email templates…

Pardot Solution:

  • Custom redirects to the rescue!
  • Allows you to customize the URL given to a lead/contact
  • Redirects to your specified location


Marketing Problem #3:

  • The CMO is asking for a daily status update on a marketing campaign that’s currently running. The marketing team has their engagement program setup to add the prospects to campaigns and update campaign member statuses as they proceed through the program. But now they need the easiest way to give the daily update.

Salesforce Admin Solution:

  • Reports and Dashboards to the rescue!
  • Campaign Influence
  • Campaign best practices (parent/child campaigns, customizing campaign member status)

Also, shout out to @Allium IT for sponsoring the event.  It was great to have you there and thank you again for supporting the @Salesforce #Ohana.

Cheers~ Until next time

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