The Award Goes To… Me?

Wondering if any ChattyAdmin readers watched the 2017 epic Oscars mistake that unfolded as the wrong film was awarded…. that uncomfortable, confusing moment that appeared on television being viewed of millions of people.


On Friday, February 27… I had those same uncomfortable and confusing emotions arise as I read an email with a subject line “Congratulations!” With curiosity, I opened the email and noticed it was from the one and only Holly Firestone.

Shocked, confused, humbled, and honored and self-doubt heightened while I read the email.  I seriously read the email at least 3 times before I realizing I was being awarded Salesforce Winter 17 MVP.   I emailed Holly thanking her and the team.  I figured if there was a mistake of awarding the wrong “Kelly”,  that gave the team the opportunity to address it before I walked on “stage”.

Now,  that the week is settling down within the Success Community and Twitter, I want to write and thank all that have acknowledged my doings and the award of MVP.  Getting the MVP award is a great accomplishment and I am grateful… however I have learned it is a “way of being”.  Being able to looking deep inside and process these emotions tied to being nominated, let alone selected for MVP, is heart-felt recognition that I do not take lightly.




I would like to share 4 ways how the Salesforce #Ohana Community has been a part of my growth, professionally and personally as I developed a better sense of “way of being”.



  1.  Identify Weakness, only brought forth Strength:  The Salesforce ecosystem and people within helped me gain confidence by asking questions and being okay with “asking”.  Pushing myself to try and learn new things.  Such as participating in “Radial Apex Developer” (free) program, I  quickly learned that I have not desire to write code. This also built level of knowledge about myself no ever writing code, but now being able to read and understand code.
  2. Tap into a great sense of Creativity:   By using my active listening skills and identifying business problems, I create solutions using Salesforce as platform.  As a Communication and Psychology  College major, I am drawn to resolving problems while understanding the people-side of business.
  3. Uncover my passion for educating and building a strong community:  Giving me the opportunity to lead Women In Tech chapter, has allowed me the opportunity build a stronger, supportive network which includes Allies.  Providing support and encouragement gives me a greater sense of “being”.  Thanks for all that participate.
  4. Ability to overcome fears:  This may seem like a strange one.  However, the community has been very supportive in allowing me to address my fear of public speaking.  I always worry that I will not have an answer, but I am okay with not having the answers all the time, and that is a way of “being”.  Where now today, I love leading group discussions and presenting in front of large groups.  Thank you for the opportunity for growth.

What I find most amazing are the people who want to help one another.  There are so many great resources provided by the Community such as podcasts, blogs, webinars and books all on Salesforce created and delivered from our people in the #Ohana.

I feel honored to be part of Salesforce #Ohana (MVP status or not). I sometimes wish that all of the world could follow this model of community by supporting one another and leading with our full hearts.

For those new or seasoned to Salesforce ecosystem thank you for all you have done and continue to do, it is a “way of being” that makes #Ohana so special.


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