Happy Eating Day!  I would say Turkey day, however not all ChattyAdmin readers eat turkey.


I want to give thanks to such a wonderful Salesforce Community!  Beginning of this month, Wisconsin Women In Tech hosted a #GiveThanks gathering.  We each brought canned goods to donate to local food pantry.  During this season, the pantry hands out over 3500 meals to families.  Our local WiT and WiT Supporters donated over 10 meals of canned goods!

This warms my heart… as we gathered to feast and give thanks, please think about how your community can “GiveThanks” for the months to come.

Thank you all who gathered, donated goods and monies contributions.  Keep Giving Salesforce Community…

By the way, A.GAME Consulting website is up and running! Check it out … Talk about feeling grateful, compassion and support from Salesforce Community, friends, and families INCLUDING my dear Olaf, during this new journey of starting my own buisness.  With Love!



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