Wisconsin Salesforce WiT User Group & WiT Supporters step up in Community

In September, a Wisconsin User Group member wanted to do something special for Madison area community.  For those of you who do not know Andy Schmiechen,  I encourage you to follow him on twitter @AndySchmiechen or find him in the Salesforce Success Community.  He is an inspiration and go-getter within the Salesforce ecosystem and a supporter of Women In Tech!

Right: @AndySchmiechen 

Enough about Andy, let’s get back to the ChattyAdmin post…

A small group of Wisconsin User Group members, helped out Habitat for Humanity of Dane County.  It was a great way to get our hands dirty, get a little sweaty and warm our hearts.  The turnout of volunteers from the Salesforce Community may have been a small number of people, but we made a HUGE impact.

What did we do as Volunteers?  Collectively, we painted exterior window trim and painted exterior doors. Let me tell you there were many windows!

Even had the opportunity to use power tools (yeah!) to remove a brick wall.  Talk about feeling unstoppable and focused?  Check out @JennyJBennett and @lrmiedema… kick butt!

We were determined to get the wall cleared away and with team work, we were able to accomplish such a task.  One person using the power drill (Yes, we took turns) and two others shoveling the gravel into the truck.  Did I mention, it was hot outside with sun betting down on us?

How long did we Volunteer for? The group thought we would be done early.  However, to our surprised, we worked full 8 hours in the hot sun.  Not only did it provide us an opportunity to step away from office, laptops, phones, demanding users and bosses… it provided us a chance to see a different kind of “hard labor”… glad to say, I work in technology.  I give props to those women and men who choose to work in labor industry.

Why Volunteer? Each person, may have their own reason for volunteering.  For me, ChattyAdmin, I strongly believe in the power of team work and giving back to my community.  It is a ‘feel good’ way to provide a helping hand.  I am someone who enjoys seeing immediate results.   As the impact provides the warm and fuzzy feelings, which sometimes can get lost in our everyday busy lives, we all tend to lead.

Who should Volunteer?  Anyone or everyone.  I believe in Salesforce 1:1:1 model.  For those readers who are not sure what1:1:1 model is, please check out http://www.salesforce.com/company/salesforceorg

  • 1% of a company’s time
  • 1% of its equity
  • 1% of its products/service are given forward to the community

I have made it my personal mission to incorporate 1:1:1: Model into A-GAME Consulting practice.  I am excited to share with you my journey as I look into the future of giving back.  I hope you will do the same too.


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