Where has @ChattyAdmn Been?

The last 6 months, there has been a lot of change occurring which has pulled me away from ChattyAdmin blog.  I apologize to my readers…. but I am sure everyone understands, life happens.

You may be asking yourself, @ChattyAdmn what changes?

  • First, the company decided to make a shift and allow us to work remote (out of our homes).  This was a scary but great change.  I never thought working remote would be productive.  Let me tell you, it is one of the best career shifts.  It has really taught me to prioritize and focus on what needs to get done.  I found that using other technology tools (google hangout, messaging) allows for co-workers to stay connected, just like when in the office.  I remember being in the office space, and disrupting others around me when asking a question to peers.  (Not effective).

Working remotely, meant I needed my own working space.  I am lucky enough to have a space bedroom, which I converted into my office.  This was fun.  I was able to paint and decorate it for me… for those that know me, my favorite color is purple (for creativity)… which yes, I painted all the office walls purple.  Check it out for yourself….Of course, now I can display all my Salesforce swag along with other Salesforce items:

Salesforce pictures taken over the years; Yes, Salesforce WiT poster (formerly known as Girly Geeks), and Salesforce certificates.  This is my space which allows me to be creative, focused, and stay centered.

  • The second shift happened when the company decided to dissolve the business.  Luckily, our team of three, were very transparent through what could have been  a difficult process. With amazement, it was a blessing.  The team spoke about how to transition existing clients, provided each other job leads, and be a great support network.  I have so much respect for the team and decisions that were made (which were not easy one).


Which is why I am going to give shout outs:

@lifewithRyan (Ryan Headley):  You rock! With his patience and determination, Ryan taught me more about Dev world.  Thank for teaching me the ropes of consulting space, and being my side kick through all Salesforce Community  fun projects we accomplished over the last years….  to name a couple… Wisconsin #Trailhead Workshop and #TrailOnTheRoad Chicago. Let the projects continue!

@KevinSwiggum (Kevin Swiggum):   Thank you!  For believing in me and hiring me as your first employee in 2013.  I am grateful for meeting you in  2011 at (my first) Wisconsin User Group.  I recall it clearly.  Sitting at a table, we were introducing ourselves and I mentioned “I am a Salesforce Admin and our company is seeking a consultant.” At that very moment, all the eyes shifted to Kevin.  From that point on, you have inspired me to continue learning and pushing myself to limits (in a good way), supportive and a great friend.


  • The third shift is currently happening.  I am in the process of starting my very own Salesforce Consulting company.  Yes!


A.GAME Consulting is more than consultants doing Salesforce  implementation, data migration, integrations or Salesforce projects. A.GAME Consulting vision: building long-lasting relationships with Customers.

However,  we want Salesforce Customers to understand the value of the People . Process . Technology. You may be asking yourself, what does “A” in A.GAME Consulting stand for?  It is simple, Analyst .  Advisor . Advocate for Administrators, which is our approach for Customers to understand the key elements of successful orgs.

People. It is great  companies see the need and invest in Salesforce.  However, many times from my consulting experiences and working in corporate america, companies do not realize the investment needed for resourcing (people) to keep Salesforce running successfully.

Process.  It is criterial for company stakeholders to know how they can leverage Salesforce and have a vision (or roadmap plan).  Therefore, key to know and understand company processes will change, which then changes Salesforce processes.

Technology.  Salesforce as a tool, is evolving regularly.  This is based on customer feedback / needs / desires.  Salesforce has three major releases a year.  Which means, customers need to have people and process in place in order to see success with Salesforce.

Exciting news:  A.GAME Consulting website is almost complete!  Once the website is done, I will post here on ChattyAdmin blog … please stay tuned.  Also, thank you for understanding my absence in blogging.


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