#TrailheadWI Lightning Workshop

Wow!  It has been a while since my last blog.  I have to be honest; I came back from DF15 inspired. I have been busy planning, prepping and promoting this event and I did not have time to blog…. but here I am… chatting about it after the fact and share the success of this event.

 What caused this inspiration?


Trailhead logo.

At dreamforce I was excited for the hands-on Trailhead in the Dev zone.  I thought to myself…wow I want to do this but at WI community level.  



Ligthning Experience badge

Also the other big buzzword at DF15 was around Lightning.  I was eager to learn more about Lightning Experience.


I recall sitting at the airport back in September (leaving DF15) with Jennifer Bennett and Ryan Headley sharing ideas. I put these two items together and created the thought “Trailhead Lightning Workshop”.

That idea turned into a goal, the goal has been completed and the goal was a great success!

On Saturday, November 14, we held the very first WI Trailhead Lightning Workshop (sponsored by Salesforce Wisconsin Women In Tech.. open to everyone).  #TrailheadWI

Workshop Successful Results:

  1. Chris Duarte, yes she came to the event and shared her story and Trailhead’s story.
  2.  76% of registered folks attended the workshop.
  3. Presenters rocked it.
  4. Participation from attendees was out of this world.
  5. Badges earned!

I am so excited Chris Duarte was able to attend this event… matter of fact, it was her first time in Wisconsin.  It is wonderful to be part of the Salesforce community where she was willing to take time away from her family and personal time and dedicate it to the Salesforce Community.


The attendee and their participation was amazing.  Great questions were asked, badges earned, and support from the WI User Group leaders made this event successful.  If it was not for the community coming together, this would have not been success.  Thank you to all that took personal time to attend this event.  I am proud of WI peeps for investing in themselves to learn Trailhead and Lightning.  Hats off to you!

Check out the excitement once Salesforce1 App Builder hands-on was completed! SWEET.


NOW, presenters… Ryan Headley and Jennifer Bennett… thank you for helping make this idea into successful event.  These two peeps really know Lightning and lead discussions around Lightning Experience and guided hand-on Lightning App Builder.

I am quoting Chris, “Jenny really knows Lightning, she answered everyones questions better than I could, and I helped write the Lightning content”.

IMG_3002  IMG_2998

What is next you ask?

If any User Group Leaders that are interested Lightning Workshop, reach out, as we would love to ‘take it on the road’.  Let our trails begin!

Meanwhile, Jennifer, Ryan and I will be working on content for the next WI Trailhead Workshop with hopes to hold another Trailhead Workshop in 2016 (first quarter)… stayed tuned.



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