Midwest Dreamin’ 15 event has come and gone already.  And I am still reflecting back to this great event.  During the event Midwest Girly Geek Leaders coordinated a booth to recruit women and promote Midwest Girly Geeks Thirsty Thursdays webinars.   Attending the booth, I was able to chat about Girly Geeks with Men and Women who are interested in learning more about this group.  We even got Peter Coffee to wear a t-shirt with photo op! Super Geeked!


One conversation stuck in my head…. it was a male wanting to understand the purpose of Girly Geeks (in a positive manner, of course) and if /how he could get involved.

This took me by surprise and here I am blogging about it still now weeks later.

Before I can tell people how to  support Girly Geeks, I think people need to understand what Girly Geek chapters are about and what kind of impact being made.

(Please note:  these posts are my views and how I co-lead the WI Girly Geek chapter.  Each chapter may be a little different so I would encourage Women and Men to reach out to User Group Leads and Girly Geeks User Group Leaders to learn more).

Did you know?

  • Girly Geeks is part of the User Groups.  (I like to think of Girly Geeks as a branch of the User Group).
  • Girly Geek chapters are all over the US and Global.  (Unfortunately, this map only displays US).
  • Girly Geeks is a strong network in a supportive environment.


To be honest, it is hard for me to explain why Girly Geeks is a success, so I am going to share testimonials of women from WI Girly Geek chapter and why they participate in Girly Geeks.

But before I do that, I would like to share why I wanted to begin a Girly Geeks chapter in my area. Currently, working at a small consulting company, I was missing 4 important elements in my work environment, so I created them through Girly Geeks.

  1.  Exercising leadership skill.  Therefore, with Girly Geeks, I am able to focus on empowering and leading amazing women.
  2.  Building relationships are key for my success.  Girly Geeks provides me my social outlet.
  3. Dedicate time to learn Salesforce while working with like-minded people.  Girly Geeks… well there is a reason why we are called “geeks”.
  4.  Be part of a team environment.  Girly Geekshas allowed me to reach out to other Geeks and work on fun-like projects together… Midwest Dreamin’ Booth and Thirsty Thursday webinars.


Now, hear what WI Girly Geeks Chapter members are saying:

“I was the main admin/developer on my team and needed a place where there were other people working on the same platform. “Understand my value and helped encourage me to ask for the raise that I felt I deserved but didn’t feel comfortable asking for. It has also helped me become more social to the point where I am even now starting to present not only at our meetings but also the WI User Group meetings and possibly even Dreamforce!”

Jennifer Bennett (WI Girly Geek Chapter)

“I had just started working in Salesforce and I knew I would need help and advice from women who were already using Salesforce. I also work with all guys in my department, so it’s nice having a break from that! Feel more comfortable asking other people for advice and help. They genuinely want to help you out with whatever problem you’re having at the moment, whether it’s personal or work related.”

…. Lauren Miedema (WI Girly Geek Chapter)

“I can get a broader knowledge of what I can/can’t do in Salesforce. I wanted to know what else is possible beyond the scope of what we use at our company. Girly Geeks allows me to see options and brainstorm ideas and possibilities that I might think aren’t possible due to current settings from the advantage of “fresh eyes”. Get exactly what I was looking for above with “fresh eyes” and ideas, but have provided more value than I originally thought. We do learning sessions, apex, triggers, workflow suggestions; we read through force.com and bring to the group what we learned and what questions we had. It has truly been a growth opportunity for me.”

…. Cathy Clearman (WI Girly Geek Chapter)


Please stay tuned for my next blog … WHAT GIRLY GEEKS are NOT.    Cheers!

2 thoughts on “WHO, WHY, WHERE are Girly GEEKS?

  1. How can I get in touch? I signed up at Midwest dreaming but haven’t gotten any information emails. Let me know please!


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